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Curtis Howden

Personal Trainer, Educator, Coach

BEd, Phys Ed Major, Medical Exercise Specialist, FRC-Mobility Specialist, Crossfit Lvl 1, NCCP Weightlifting level 1, USAW level 1, PTA Global, Agatsu Kettlebell

Curtis is a trained teacher that has been personal training professionally since 2006 and was named by Impact magazine as one of Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers in 2020. He is a record holding Olympic lifter that has taken his knowledge of high performance and extrapolated how to use movement to treat and recover from injury and optimize human performance.

Curtis’ ideal clients can range from competitive powerlifters and Olympic lifters to those that are trying to live pain free and optimize the rest of their lives. Curtis’ concept of fitness is based on Physical Freedom and his commitment to helping you realize, attain and in many cases regain your physical freedom is unrivaled.

The New Living Room Workout Routine

Get a total body workout with minimal equipment

Amidst the challenges we typically face to stay on a targeted fitness program, due to COVID restrictions, we now have the additional limiters of space and equipment. If you would like to start a new routine and develop a solid foundation in 2021, this full-body workout using only a band is for you.

Read the full article on impactmagazine.ca.

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